Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three days and counting until D.C.

We are getting very excited around here for our big trip to D.C.! Getting four females packed and ready might just be the toughest part of our preparation, but we'll get it done.

Several weeks ago Amelia and I had the honor to be part of the CMN Campaign Kick-off at the Fairfield, Ohio Wal-Mart store. Amelia's eyes got huge when we walked in and saw a banner with her face on it. "That's ME, mom!!" She didn't want to give a speech, but wasn't at all hesitant to step in during any of the speeches about her or about Cincinnati Children's Hospital. As always, the crowd was eating out of her hand, and everyone there adored her. She has an uncanny way of letting people see the struggles she goes through while still being able to see the joy and strength she has.

Sunday morning we'll board our plane and head to Washington, D.C., where we'll get to meet the Champions from each state. We're looking forward to spending time with other families who live through similar challenges and are inspirations to those they know. We feel honored to be the Ohio Champion family, and hope to help raise awareness of the amazing care that children receive from CMN hospitals.

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